When Does Nonsense Defy Common Sense?

The American Enterprise Party Trilogy Volume Two, 2021 Page Turner Press

There is an old Iowa farmer adage, “you can’t make sense out of nonsense”, and a Gladwell statement in his book “Blink” … “it is more than intuition to recognize a fraud”.

Protests are peaceful, crime is down and schools are closed because we have to bend the Fauci quack curve: more

There is an old Iowa farmer adage, “you can’t make sense out of nonsense”, and a Gladwell statement in his book “Blink” … “it is more than intuition to recognize a fraud”.

When does nonsense, defy good ole Iowa common sense … examples:

1) This $5 trillion piece of legislation is paid for. Fact: Increased taxes will be for 10 years for money spent in the next three years.

2) B.B.B., Build back better will solve inflation, and improve the economy.

3) We got all of those that “wanted” to get out of Afghanistan, out.

4) Open borders are not a crisis, until we have solved the root cause, of why it exists.

5) Climate change, and white supremacy, are our nation’s most pressing problems.

6) Swing vote, Joe Manchin the most important Senator. Fact: Fellow Democrats say he’s a turncoat manipulator.

7) Taxpayers are paying for all this, Build Back Better transformational nonsense … Fact: when there is no surplus, only new debt and deficit spending, under both the Republicans and Democrats.

8) The books and budgets are balanced, by taxing the rich … in fact the books are cooked by not recording accrued obligations, hiding past deficits, and future bankruptcy.

9) The reversal of TRUMP policies will build America back better, regardless of the debt limit, and inflation being transitory. Fact this is a fraud.

10) The two million illegal immigrants, with no skills and job prospects, will not increase the cost of government welfare one cent.

These are only ten of twenty or thirty, I could think up from scratch. Others are A.O.C. and the squad are liberals, pulling America into Marxism and Communism, for the greater good. Biden and Harris will run again. Trump will be our next President. Russia and China aren’t using Hunter Biden, to get to his father, who is selling influence. Hunter Biden is an accomplish artist, extraordinarily untalented. Dr. Fauci, is a hero, and above reproach for his behavior in the past. The CDC and FDA and WHO and Institute of Health, are all believable, when it comes to science, Pandemics and problem solving.

There will never be an effective third party.

Okay, that’s a few more. I’m sure you as a voter can think of your own nonsense, everything anymore is political. If you’re Red you’re dead in the water. If you’re Blue you’re bleeding and the independents are lost … where nonsense Trumps common sense, when you turn on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN, the Disney Channel, Face Book, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. .. All utilize fake news, and denial of freedom of speech, when it fits their identity, and narrative. That is the definition, of the most used word in the English and Spanish vernacular … “woke” … second, it’s an “issue” not a problem.

So, why should I be any different, as an opinionated podcaster, attempting to promote a third political party. First, I’m from Iowa, secondly, I’m a conservative CPA, and finally I’m the founder CEO of the American Enterprise Party, to stop using nonsense, as a synonym for common sense. Those who claim to be an intellectual pundit, harvesting their opinion for harvesting votes, for one of the two ineffective political parties, fails the smell test for common sense results, and positive outcomes.

Nor, can you be a scrutinizing practitioner, of common sense, as you sit by and let the nonsense take the lead, into the chaos of tyranny, lies for votes, slanted TV political ads, use of millions and billions to get elected, then claim to be an independent, when in fact it comes to using common sense, in deficit spending, and debt. If you fall for nonsense, you will fall for anything.

The summary of this episode is “wake up America”. B.B.B. and M.A.G.A. are marketing programs that never result in reality … Biden ignores the swamp and Trump never exposed it the way, I’m doing in my books, blogs and podcasts. It’s the primary reason, Build Back Bigger and Make America Great, are failures. A swing vote will take on the nonsense in the USA Congress, and in each State legislature, for our collective future.

Unfortunately, the art of common sense is uncommon, and the business of its application is unknown to the American voter. Those topics are presented, and matched with solutions in my recently released Trilogy the American Enterprise Party, Volume One, why do we need an effective third party? Volume Two, how can that happen? and Volume Three, who will do it? Fact: 200 million Enterprising Americans.

The underlying fact: capitalism (monetary capital) and socialism (human capital) are bedfellows, in every one of our American enterprises. Not, arch enemies for competing with the other isms. When all, any of us want, is Humanism, that’s in stark contrast to Marxism and Communism.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.