What is a Capitalist Democrat and a Socialist Republican?

The American Enterprise Party is dedicated to being the Swing Vote, to drain the swamp and reign in Big Brother and the Brotherhood. To Keep America Great by Restoring the American Work Ethic, Patriotism with Humanism.

The answer is the majority of enterprising risk taking Americans who need prosperity and and want common sense leadership.

A Capitalist Democrat is someone born before 1960 who voted for JFK.

A Socialist Republican is some one else who was reborn after 1960 who voted for Clinton.

A Capitalist Democrat is someone who voted for Reagan

A Socialist Republican that voted for Obama.

A Capitalist Capitalist that voted for Trump.

A Capitalist Socialist that didn’t vote for O’ Biden.

Who is this? It describes me the author Jerry Rhoads and political activist daring to come out swinging for a swing vote for a Capitalist Socialist inn the middle. Who are generally termed independence, the middle of the road and carrying the load. Americans like myself? I call myself an enterprising, risk taking, enterprising American, by being an entrepreneur and a believer in teams are better then institutions. What does that mean? If you read my poem “My America” and then read my other poem ‘Their America” included with this podcast you will understand where my head is and where my heart is.

Okay, if you listened to the two poems you will get the gist of what a Capitalist Democrat is in “My America” who has my head thinking about pursuing freedom and opportunity and the prosperous results of those constitutional rights. On the other hand reading the poem “Their America” should get the gist of what a Socialist Republican who has my heart realizing that there are those who may never have “My America.”

In the middle is “Our America” the third poem. The point is any American can be a Capitalist Democrat and a Socialist Republican when your priorities are fair and equal opportunity to pursue their American Dream. That is why I penned the poem, “Our America” where it takes the desire to “learn to earn” and determination to have a “skill to bill” to get an education to prepare for a career in some aspect of free lassez-faire enterprise. In doing so, you personally have committed yourself to applying those qualities in whatever it takes to attain the American Dream. Then leading others to the common sense middle America putting the collective effort in the context of teams of the many for the good of each individual. Applying the team’s commitment to learn to earn to have a skill to bill as human capitalist for the sharing of profits with those that make profit happen.

This is the American Dream. Effectively you are free to choose your own path to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for yourself, your family and your country.

So, re You a Socialist or Capitalist? Neither or both?

Ask yourself … do I believe that top-down answers to society’s issues are superior to bottom-up problem solving created by the free market enterprise? This will determine whether it is the good of the community that takes priority over that of the individual. Then ask will I give up my freedoms to get that. If you say neither meets you needs, maybe you’re looking for a more acceptable definition for your choice. In free market enterprise can you have both problems solving for the individua and the good of the company? The common-sense answer is yes. As an individual you are a team member in a capitalistic endeavor called enterprise. The pursuit of profit is for you as well as the investors of capital. You are free to pick and choose the enterprise for employment or it picks you as an individual. Your share is the what you “learn to earn as an individual, with a skill to bill” that results from your choice of a career and/or job. As a Human Capitalist and a Monetary Socialist it’s for the good of yourself and your family.

In America this marriage is the best of both worlds with that sharing, otherwise you’re asked to pledge allegiance to profit or your family. If you choose money, you’re a capitalist and if you choose for the sake of your family, you’re by choice a socialist. If you serve both masters, you’re a human capitalist … in the market place called America enterprise and you’re living the American Dream. On the other hand, if you choose to sacrifice your freedoms for the greater good of the community regardless of your freedom to choose, you’re a pure socialist. If you choose to serve and secure your family, you’re a capitalist first and a socialist second. In an American enterprise you are both in pursuing what makes American Great for the attaining of the American Dream. This is a marriage of profit sharing with the good of the family supporting your choice in an American Enterprise. My interpretation is in “Our America is the American Dream.”


Our America is the feeling of freedom. It’s the feeling good when we get up in the morning and can decide what we’re going to do that day, who we’re going to see and what we’re going to say.

It’s the feeling that we can make a difference.

It’s the feeling we can produce our product, we can sell our produce and we can benefit from our hard work, unhindered.

It’s the feeling when we help our children with their homework, so they will be able to use their knowledge for growth, for maturity, for the good of the country.

It’s the feeling when we send them off to school, knowing they will receive a concerned teacher’s attention, sensitivity and guidance. And knowing as they grow up, they will thrive on their freedom to communicate, to express themselves, to direct their own destiny.

It’s the feeling when they graduate from grade school, junior high and high school that they are taking the steps towards a better life. And when you give their hand away in matrimony, that happiness shall be theirs. For together as husband and wife, they can create the same and even more opportunities for their off-spring.

It’s that feeling when, we can unchain our dog and watch her run free for at least a little while, to watch the experience on her face, when she’s released from the shackles; and the sadness that reappears when she must be chained.

Our America is the freedom of choice to buy the bread we want to buy, to acquire the goods we can afford to acquire, to invest the capital we have saved, in ventures we want to take for the good of our family and our country.

Our America is being able to communicate in writing, speaking and in whatever form, language takes, our opinions, our thoughts, our prayers, our visions and our dreams to those who want to listen, and to those enemies of the American way who in themselves have not discovered the America Dream .

My America is the blooming rose which has the freedom to grow towards, a clear sky and a warm sun; being able to complete its cycle from bloom to plumage to autumn to a dormant grave, only to rise again.

My America is the personal commitment to grab opportunities which will better the country and to set an example for those who follow; what you give, must be proportionate to what you take, or the erosion shall remove the sky, the sun, the earth from our grasp.

For in our America and the world resources are limited; the energy, though absolute, is redistributed by our wills. The more astute, the more free we are to create, the better the use of the resources. And left in God’s hands, through our America, we create good will, good products, good people and peace of mind.

Our America, oh yes my America, the vision of the poet, the words of the orator and the minds of the leaders be kind, be patient, be wise, but above all be humble to the reasons and the heritage of our freedom. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil ventures and purposes, for thine is mine America as the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever.




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