Wake Up America: The Time Has Come for All Followers to Standup for American Values

A republished version of the Manifesto includes three volumes. Volume one is why is it necessary, Volume two is how to do it and Volume three is who will do it. Coming soon to bookstores and as eBooks.

(Republished in “The American Enterprise Party” Volume One)

So, wake (woke) up America, where followers are following the followers into the ghettos of a political crematory. Our concentration camps are our complacency in believing that Bigger is Better, equality is freedom, equity is prosperity, safety is more laws and regulations, security is Big Brother, ignorance is not believing the Brotherhood media, peace and equality is Big Government control. That’s the problem in our inner cities, ghettos, small under privileged communities, schools, churches, politics, foreign affairs, voting scams, that are founded on a false positive called democracy funded by money-tics. We are no longer free to voice our opinion when our friendly Face Book cancels our opinion on the internet because they are Big enough to fund a political party that will support their right to cancel us. In my books I warn of this happening in 2084 not 2022 and 2024. I guess we need to wake up now. It didn’t happen in 1984 as predicted by George Orwell when Big Brother had a surveillance system of cameras and a system of finger pointing like Face Book or Instagram or Tic Toc or You tube to cancel certain dissidents and lovers of freedom.

In 1984 Oceania the Big Brother political philosophy was War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength and Slavery is Freedom to keep the proletariat under the control of Big Brother and the Brotherhood (i.e.. Face Book or Instagram or Tic Toc and You tube) took twenty years to evolve then a revolt to put Big Brother in control, so 2000 started the twenty-year period for Americania (a pseudonym) to come under the control of Big Brother Government in 2020. The year of the Pandemic, George Floyd, BLM protests, ANFIFA riots, critical race theory, 1619 project, closure of schools, churches, nonessential businesses, political warfare on our President, a killer virus likely created by humans that destroyed our world’s faith in science, where Big Business was essential and free enterprise saved us.

All this, in conflict with gridlocked and polarized America where wokeism says race is the reason, white supremacy is our biggest problem and climate is our demise, where enterprising Americans need a swing vote third party in Congress and the State legislatures across America to bring common sense and humanism into the equation. The philosophy of this opposing third party is peace is faith in our country, strength is love of our heritage and freedom is our work ethic with equality in effort turning into opportunity and prosperity. I call this humanism a solution to woke dissolutions. The American Enterprise Party bases its platform on a way for current complacency to have a vote for Humanism that brings capitalism and socialism together every day in our small to medium sized enterprises. It’s a belief that the individual is best represented in a decentralized, downsized government that will upsize enterprise for the greater cause of freedom and prosperity. With this redirection of our priorities, we can reduce the perennial deficits, our gargantuan debt, our inordinate and discriminate excesses of wealth controlled by the Few while the Many struggle for financial stability. Then peace, love and freedom become our foreign affairs campaign to combat the coming cold war with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and those that claim nationalism is freedom. Then our immigration system can return to allowing those who believe in this philosophy to come to America and thrive as our heirs have.

Let’s agree that disagreement is healthy and even a new approach will need to be integrated into our current society but now is the best time to break the strangle hold Bigger is Better has on our greatest assets; freedom of speech, freedom to create, freedom to procreate and freedom to vote. Then we can be proud to stand for the one national anthem, one bill of rights, one constitution, and our natural resources called America the Bountiful.



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