The economic and political theory is to create a Swing Vote party called the American Enterprise Party

The American Enterprise Party Volume three of the Trilogy, presents “who will do it”, and attributes enterprising Americans as the solution to the gridlock and division in America. A common sense approach to problem solving using humanism and peaceful coexistence for diversity and effective governance. Ridding our society of violence, vulgarity and excessive wealth. Proving that each of us are given life for free, but have to earn a life of abundance and freedom. Jerry Rhoads, CEO, Founder.

With successful enterprises being the foundation of the American economy, then the extremes of a two-party political system must be pulled towards the middle-class small businesses that populate our shopping centers, supply line products, internet trading and commerce with the rest of the world creating standards of living to pay all the bills and taxes to sustain what I call the Great American Enterprise. That’s the higher power we all must serve not 545 people (100 senators, 435 congressmen, 9 supreme court justices and 1 President) who now run everything with money-tics using the golden rule … those with the gold rule.

The economic and political theory proposed, is to create a swing vote party called the American Enterprise Party that with as few seats as 10 in the Senate and 20 in the House representing enterprising hard working enterprising Americans. There are 200 million of us that have no say in our governance and its accountability. A voice of reason and common sense is now in order. Pass a bill, kill 10 laws and drain the swamp of 22 million woke alligators (government workers). Balance the budget and reverse trade deficits in the next decade.

The third party’s platform balances the budget by privatizing agencies that are redundant with all the State Governments and rids every layer of government to “pass a bill kill a standing law and regulations” and taxation becomes a reinvestment of excessive wealth to pay down the unserviceable national and State debt. We not only “drain the swamp” we kill the alligators that are exposed. In a decade, as Margert Thatcher did in England, a third party can kill the idea of bigger is better government to solve social problems and higher taxation pays for it.

As the image above shows, I wrote a book entitled The American Enterprise Manifesto that exposes the depth of the swamp and the dire financial predicament this put our and future generations in, that must be dealt with now as America slides into the depths of the swamp, as did other great societies in the past. I’ve been told it will never happen because it takes MBZ’s billions of trillions and zillions to compete for any office let alone the presidency.

Well, 330 million enterprising Americans create $24 trillion GDP per year and create wealth for 2,000 millionaires and billionaires so why not invest their equity (wealth) in paying down the $31 trillion recorded debt and the $158 trillion in unfunded debt, to rid ourselves of half of the 22 million government workers that cost 40% of fixed overhead wasted on redundant laws and regulations to be able to compete with China our ominous low overhead competitor.

Will I run for POTUS in 2024? Will America wake up from the administration of Donald Trump and Joseph Biden and wonder what happened to our sovereignty, rule of law, civility, honor, fiscal accountability, justice, supply lines and plans for the future? Only if we have an effective third party. So yes, I will run if I have to bring America back to its foundation of the American constitution, bill of rights and declaration of independence founded upon a basis of fiscal responsibility.

What will you do as a voter and citizen that is threatened by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and others who want us to self-destruct by infighting and killing the American Dream? The answer is Vote for candidates of the American Enterprise Party to swing the power to the people and balance the books with the collective force of our great enterprising Americans.

To get the details read my recent books. The American Enterprise Party a Swing Vote Trilogy …Volume one “why do it”, Volume two “how to do it” and Volume three “who will do it”. The answer is a vote for enterprise not woke progressive values. It can be acquired from my web site, Page Turner Press, local book stores and Amazon books. Along with 20 other books by Jerry Rhoads.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.