Russia and China, Now Embolden by the lack of Resistance, Make a Veiled Threat of a Nuclear World War III.

Would you rather fight Russia now along with Ukraine against these shallow threats or give up as a Custer’s last stand that’s coming and make a move yourself, to put the bully back in Moscow. And give China the same notice about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan?

As we stand by and Russia destroys an aspiring NATO member, so Putin can keep them out of NATO. This justifies the tactical move of making Ukraine a member now so it can be protected by the world’s order of we peace loving people. Is it worth the risk of doing it now? Yes, because it is much less than allowing Putin to succeed on the very thing that will thwart him for future USSR land grabs. By putting the devil back in the box using this tactic of fear for Putin’s risk in his next move.

If I were President, though it is belated, I would demand we admit Ukraine and numerous other countries into NATO and EU membership immediately. This puts well over two million men and women armed forces, in Putin’s path, along with the USA and NATO arsenal of nuclear weapons. The message delivered by the UN and NATO security councils should be for Putin, to leave Ukraine or else the world’s order will come down on him and his allies with destructive sanctions and/or use of a defensive action.

The alternative is to run from a bully and his bigger brother because they have weakened our leaders with fear of the unknown … sounds like the Pandemic and Afghanistan, that was bungled by bureaucrat leaders … the same ones who are acquiescing and appeasing because of Hunter Biden and Biden family ties to Russia, China and Ukraine. Why not scare the hell out of the bullies rather than giving in to them, assuming it’s their intention to destroy democracy and convert the free world to communism?

Our leaders must be assertive at this time in history when another Hitler and his Mussolini type Marxist friends have scared off the world’s order with threats of a nuclear World War III …. which is the UN, NATO, EU, USA, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, North American Treaty Organization, African UN members, South America and Central America corridor and south Chins Sea members, excluding China. This represents 6 billion people on earth against this Russian and Chinese tyranny.

There is an old saying that 85% of what we fear never happens and the other 15%, if it happens, is only half as bad as we thought it would be … in other words we are allowing Putin to succeed on 71/2 % odds that he and China can intimidate the rest of the world with a threat of nuclear weapons on six billion opponents before we take, he and China out …

I would take the smart way out … tell him to leave or the world order will come down on him with the full force of a much bigger military and arsenal of nuclear weapons. If he resists a no-fly zone and cease fire occupation of Ukraine is the next step.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.