Resolution of the Discord of Systemic Racism: as a Problem not just an Issue Between Two Political Party isms and Humans of all Colors

Proposes a third political party: the American Enterprise Party for Humanism

By Jerry L. Rhoads

In Kenosha Wisconsin,Julia Jackson, the mother of Jacob Blake eloquently asked for peaceful protests for humanity, after having to accept that her son was a victim of apparent police brutality. Unfortunately, the ensuing protests broke ranks and began the rioting that is seething throughout America. Discord of racism and inequality and injustice is ravaging our country. As with George Floyd and those after Rodney King, the glaring result is going to escalate into a Black Lives Matter revolution unless we deal with it as a national problem to be solved not an issue between races and politicians. Ironically, we all come from the same place and will return to the same place regardless of skin color, politics, stature or class. Now, with the haves and the have not’s battling in a revolution of values ignoring humanism and peaceful coexistence and reeling from a pandemic are threatening to bring America down to their level of revenge and hate. While the Humanism, as requested by the mothers of current and past victims, is the solution that honors the sanctity of life and equality in opportunity for the betterment of the greater American good.

Unfortunately, our two party system wants to make this a political issue between the Red (capitalism) and the Blue (socialism) while humanism can bring the isms together as the American Enterprise Party that is built on the investors in enterprises and workers as enterprising Americans seeking an acceptable standard of living for their families in a safe and secure environment. Now the battle lines have been drawn by our polarized nation as we approach another election where we have to choose Red or Blue not Right or Wrong because there is no alternative political agenda.

Therefore, there is no alternative solutions to this worldwide problem of the castes (have nots) demanding the equality promised in the American constitution versus the haves (ruling class) represented by both parties. No party has been successful in merging capitalism and socialism into one party. The American Enterprise Party as proposed in the book The American Enterprise Manifesto published by Xlibris does exactly that. I call it the party of Humanism that merges capitalism and socialism for the sustenance of the Great American Enterprise. That focuses on the objective of human freedom and prosperity. Then our elections exact change to save our Great Country and embraces that we have to honor government of the people, by the people for the people for the sake of peaceful coexistence of all humans regardless of skin color, gender, creed and religion so help us God.




Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.

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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.

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