New Axis of Evil: USSR, CCP and Iran attacking Ukraine and NATO.

Where are our NATO leaders?

What if NATO were to take Ukraine into membership immediately as a war pact. Then NATO, based on Article five, must defend them, including American forces imposed against the Russian war crimes. Then NATO can demand a no-fly zone and cease fire or else.

THIS IS THE DOMINO THEORY ALL OVER AGAIN? As I’m finishing my Trilogy about The American Enterprise Party, a swing vote in a gridlocked Congress, on why America is losing the trade war and leadership in the world for peace and prosperity for all; Russia’s President Putin, (testing an appeasing President Biden, who is waiting another month to impose further sanctions) invades the Ukraine via separatist states and now, the entire country.

Putin (ala Hitler) intentions and Biden’s (ala Neville Chamberlin) appeasing sanctions (refusing to impose the Swift banking rights and America’s 16,000,000 barrels of oil per month to freeze the Russian cash flow) have been delivered too late to stop Putin in his tracks. Biden is giving the situation one month because, in his words, sanctions won’t deter Putin. Then what will? Then what now? Where’s the leadership? Step up NATO and fulfill the intent of NATO in the first place … deter Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

While NATO and President Biden (Neville Chamberlin) contemplates sanctions the tanks and missile launchers take over Ukraine. A former USSR holding. Without any resistance by Biden, Putin (Adolph Hitler) has continued his reconstruction of the former communist party’s property holdings. Along with Georgia, Crimea, Belarus, Eastern Ukraine and now all of Ukraine he is testing the NATO waters for his next takeover moves for consolidating the Balkans, into the new USSR (similar to Nazi Germany’s move in 1938). In Putin’s mind he has to occupy more territories to elicit China’s partnership to push democracy out of Europe, then Asia and Africa.

Putin intentions are, reminiscent of Hitler’s ruse for fooling British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain into signing the Munich Agreement, annexation of Sudetenland, as a peace treaty with Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, fascist leader of Italy. Unbeknownst to Chamberlin, Hitler planned a Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, shortly thereafter. On their way to taking over Europe and making an air attack on London, England.

NATO and President Biden thought they would outflank Putin with shallow threats of further sanctions according to Biden’s own words, would not deter an invasion of Ukraine. So, Putin ignored threats and activated a full invasion of Ukraine. Even with the backing of NATO members, with vocal support and Germany killing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Putin, he is on his way to again becoming the USSR superpower, with CCP China and Iran’s backing to bring communism to the Continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.

The combined population of those continents is 7 billion people of which 1.3 billion live in deprivation, hunger, fear and poverty. The biggest reason for the advances of communism around the world, is the socialist promises of equal shares in the new prosperity … that never arrives … yet the masses are still controlled by the wealth of the Few leaders, called the Politburo. In other words, 1984 will arrive as USSR, CCP, Iran form, as Eurasia, as predicted by George Orwell’s book of that name. About his homeland Russia and Germany.

What role has Hunter Biden had in this Putin’s strategy? Wake up America. It’s not a conspiracy theory that the Biden’s and American businesses and stock market have holdings and income from both Russian and China to protect … why else would President Biden throw a softball at Putin when a hard ball like I’m proposing would stop him in his tracks … the collective forces of a one million military from the 30 members of NATO against 130,000 deployed by Putin moves the playing field to saving Europe from the Axis of Evil now … otherwise we’ve opened the door to USSR reviving its objective of pushing democracy out of Europe and Asia.

Our NATO and USA leadership has to be shored up or we will have World War III.

Ironically, this situation is happening with the release of the Jerry Rhoads Trilogy, The American Enterprise Party, Volume One: The Power of the Swing Vote, Volume Two: Drain the Swamp and Reign in the Woke Alligators and Volume Three: Restore American Work Ethic and Patriotic Values.

Mr. Rhoads is a CPA, Government Consultant and author. He has written 9 books on national health care, 5 books on his American Enterprise Party to Save America from the new Axis of Evil … the new USSR, CCP and Iran who are conspiring to take over Europe and Asia in trade and socialist values. In other words, Stalin and Mao and Khomeini are back again with visions of a Marxist world.

Also, he has a five-volume Wonders of the World poetry books that link all souls in the world to a common denominator … the mind and spirit connected metaphysically with our physical hearts and brains … 8 billion souls seeking peace and prosperity in a one world union against Evil Forces. posted on and



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