Red Zone politics go along to get along, by calling every problem an issue. No worries America, it’s only an issue. No problems, just political “issues”. Therefore, no solutions proposed or needed. Why would we expect either party to solve problems, they make everyday, with one party running everything, with lawmaking. No worries, about the solutions to these “issues”… none defined, none solved.

No worries America, it’s only an issue.

Does it make a difference to deal with a problem by calling it an issue between The Red and The Blue political parties? Our uni-party government. The gridlocked Congress, Fox News and CNN pundits fighting over the issue of the day. No worries, mild mannered, blue blood, President Joe Biden and his speech writer, Bernie Sanders, will avoid problems by calling them issues … like the rest of our social, Brotherhood, media.

Just look at the narrative of the current administration … the borders are secure, inflation is transitory, the viruses are a crisis, fossil fuels will kill us off by 2050, Afghanistan isn’t discriminating against women, China isn’t a threat to our sovereignty, Ukraine wasn’t being paying to play for the Bidens, OPEC is our friends, the oil reserves are for sale to the highest bidder, voting is secure with our independent Justice department watching the lock boxes, GDP growth, and jobs are slowed by Putin.

Is this all the Blue Blood, Biden cabinet’s incompetence. Hell no, this is the new American reset. Just look at the opposition party wailing on the above problems and they are half the problem from past administrations. National debt $31 trillion, imbalance of trade of $1 trillion, unrecorded obligations $150 trillion, infrastructure falling apart and the Green New Deal farse demanding $100 trillion cost over to the economy over the next decade.

No problems, just political “issues”. Therefore, no solutions proposed or needed. Why would we expect either party to solve problems, they make everyday, with one party running everything with lawmaking. What are the solutions to these “issues”… none defined none solved.

Problems demand a solution and issue is just a disagreement between two parties. Even my children call everything previously called a problem an issue. Divorce is an issue, college debt is an issue, jobs are an issue, high prices are an issue, climate is an issue, electric cars, planes, busses, trains, ships, construction equipment are the issue for making America Green, China, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea are taking profits away from our economy and we owe them trillions, … no worries, just issues not problems.

Whether you agree that propaganda has us calling everything that is truly a problem, an issue … our culture has changed … due to social media, elite politics, Big Media, Big Unions, Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Boxes, Big Sports, us small timers ultimately pay the high costs of Big Brother and the Brotherhood since we do the work to support the huge overhead and dwindling cash flow. America is technically insolvent … our debt excess our GDP and revenue while our trade imbalance is costing America its future growth . No worries, the Fed will fix it.

Salaries are taking a hit, as the Fed raises interest rates the 401k plans, property values, home values, stock market values are in a bear market creating … 22 million jobs are for government workers, who have Cadillac pensions and health care, considered essential in a Pandemic and also getting $1.9 trillion stimulus checks. Adding up to 40% overhead for a bankrupt economy. Just an issue for the mid terms to solve. No worries. Problems are transitory and our economy isn’t in a recession … no it’s a depression. The endgame is in sight with a Biden crash and a Trump drain on cash flow. No worries, the Red and the Blue are truly the worst problem we have.

So, what can the common, over taxed enterprising American do to turn this around. Since politicians can’t or won’t … they are following the followers over the go along to get along cliff. It’s time for an effective swing vote third party to break the strangle hold that elite Democrat and Republican Parties hold us hostage.

The American Enterprise Party has a plan … read it in the American Enterprise Trilogy … volume one why we have to do this, volume two how can we do this and volume three who will do it? No worries the problem solvers are waiting in the wings to swing the vote to the true majority … the enterprising working class, that learns to earn, and has a skill to bill, in our competitive job market, pursing their share of the profits.

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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.