Is America a Uni-Party Political System?

A three volume book by Jerry Rhoads, The American Enterprise PartyTrilogy proposes a swing vote party to break gridlock ties and partiasan politics. By using the principles of monetary capital merged with human capital, capitalism and soclialism are effectively, married in every American enterpirse. Where profits are to be shared by all, based on risk and reward. No longer owners take all.

My opinion is, we have a one party government and Republic, due to gridlock and partisan politics.

It’s the 2020 Presidency, and a 50/50 Congress with 27 Red states and 23 Blue states vying for a uni-party majority in the midterms and national election.

My goal is to solicit support for a third party swing vote (ala, Joe Manchin) to break the gridlock ties and partisan politics of a one-party pseudo democracy that we now have. What do you mean one party when we have two? In reality if we had three effective parties, the following would not be the symptoms and results of a uni-party system:

1) Lousy leadership … during the first Pandemic since 1918 we have been led by fear mongers, so called scientists and bureaucrats.

2) Fear is the leadership tactic for dumping a President and inserting a bureaucrat to manage a Pandemic he more than likely initiated.

3) No productive debate … everything is an issue over what to do and who should lead. Therefore, there is no problem resolution plan or commitment.

4) No bipartisan plan of action for fighting the virus or the impact of shutting down our life blood economy.

5) A Biden election won on the basis of saving everyone not killing the enemy, the virus. President Trump, who was trying to lead, acquiesced to fear mongers and as a resounding defeat was labeled the cause of millions of deaths. A hell of a way to win an election … particularly when you were the parties last choice.

Without strong leadership, this led to extremism taking over the fight. So, it became Fauci science when VP Pence chose the task force, not medical experts on prevention and or treatment of a disease. Then a quack scientific strategy took over. The President was discarded when he stated the cure was worse than the illness and a bureaucratic task force stepped in, with the manic Governor Cuomo of New York as chief spokesperson. Who was demanding 30,000 ventilators immediately and 1,000 hospital beds, he never used, in the state of NY while requiring nursing homes to take cases from the hospitals. To ignorant to know that nursing homes cannot take admissions from hospitals that require ventilators and virile contagion pneumonia patients.

While VP Pence, put a bureaucrat in as leader. Enters Dr. Anthony Fauci as the expert on immune systems and Corona viruses, to be chief of scare tactics without applying therapeutics improving immunity, but just bending the undefined, unanalyzed virus curve, social distancing, quarantining and sheltering in place, in-home viral schooling, teating, contact tracing, masks and lockdown. All of which were used during the 1918 Pandemic that didn’t deter the virus that eventually killed 50 million worldwide versus Corna-19 six million globally. These actions only built false positives while exaggerating test results, and downplaying underlying cause of death. Making the severity of the Pandemic worse than the disease itself. In hindsight President Trump was not only a guinea pig for a cure treatment but chastised when he said the cure was worse than the disease.

Instead, the logical approach would be a qualified leadership of society, analyzing those who are the most vulnerable triaged (survival of the unfittest) and target them first, for treatment by physicians. Second, those who are symptomatic or have underlying personal health conditions for treatment by medical professionals to avoid hospitalizations. In triage, hospitalization would be the last alternative …. not nursing homes, not ER, not scientists, speculating on strategy, not politicians using scare tactics to destroy debate for an effective medical treatment action plan for managing the war against fear, using fear itself. Where were the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association when it required this approach to cut off the virus. Instead we had a quack scientist running the show and who probably contributed government grants for gain of function experiments that eventually led to a more infectious disease being leveled on the world from the Wuhan lab

Worse yet a new President, dark horse Joseph Robin Hood Biden, wins a landslide election despite his not being his party’s choice, but was the choice of Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Stacy Abrams and the squad working the mail in ballots and neighborhood ballot boxes. Now we have a so-called bureaucratic leadership teaming up with a so-called scientist to run our $600 trillion derivative bubble enterprise and claim credit for a vaccine that discarded President Trump who made it happen in “warp speed” using American Enterprise. Then the Sanders-Biden manifesto reverses Trump’s successful policies, without regard for the consequences that only a new administration can cause. Using fear Fauci plans instead of leadership plans.

If this is true, how do we solve the problem of gridlock and poor leadership? The solution is to protect Americans' freedoms built on free market enterprise values and principles of humanism. Currently, the enemy is, a uni-party. So, enterprising Americans must be represented politically to nullify partisan money-tics that blinds our liberties. We need leaders not money feeders, who call every problem an issue and every solution a new law. Now we are being led down the dystopian path predicted by George Orwell’s 1984 that was played out by Stalin, Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Castro, Maduro and other Marxists. Are we next?

Yes, as big media, big box business, bigger governmental essential workers backing the progressive campaign to transform America into Build Back Bigger government. These well-paid workers, destroy risk taking Americans who would have won the war on the Pandemic by supporting therapeutics, as a vaccine was created in warp speed by Trump leadership.

How can this happen in a two-party system? Where in the hell were the Republicans when they could have or should have supported Trump’s fight for reelection. Instead, Vice President Pence set Trump up with the selection of a bureaucratic task force to use fear tactics, that would shut down the economy during the Covid-19 China virus crisis.

Ironically. we are becoming more like China than China being like America. Since the end of World War two our leadership has focused on the greater good, not the rights of individuals for the pursuit of opportunities and happiness using personal initiative. While the great society programs were supposed to protect our personal freedoms … and they don’t.

Obviously, to fix the uni-party system we need an effective third party, based on marrying monetary capital with human capital for the good of enterprising workers in America the bountiful.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.