Jerry Rhoads, author has written a novel about Americana becoming the one world government in 2084 depicting Orwell’s 1984 that took a century to become a reality.

If America Goes Down the World of Trade Goes Down With It

Current 2021 politics and society’s woke environment is the perfect storm to take down democracy. Imblance of trade is one of the early signs of the number one economy in the world that becomes bankrupt leading to the entry of a third party to protect Americ’s sovereinty. Thus, the emergence of the American Enterprise Party.

The underlying negative impact of the 2021 imbalance of trade, is world imports to America of -$2.1 trillion and American exports $1.3 trillion for an imbalance of trade totally -$800 billion for fiscal 2021. The transference of wealth to competing economies that has been going more than a half a century.

As in 2021consisting of pluses positive impact and minuses negative transference of wealth:

China -$400 billion, Japan -$100 billion, South Korea -$30 billion, India -$30 billion, Mexico -$80 billion, Canada -$30 billion, Viet Nam -$70 billion, (Pacific Rim -$374 billion, Asia -$449 billion), Germany -$60 billion, Switzerland -$30 billion, Russia -$17 billion, Italy -$20 billion, Ireland -$40 billion, Taiwan -$30 billion totaling $2.1 trillion wealth transferred to emerging economies that control the supply lines.

Australia + 12 billion, South Central America+$124 billion, The EU +$197 billion, UK +$5 billion, France -$15 billion, Czech Republic +$3 billion, Poland +$5 billion) totaling $1.3 trillion wealth transferred to America the leading consumer in the world of trade.

Resulting in an annual drain of America wealth of $779 billion in 2021 and accumulated debt of $30 trillion since 1945.

So, what will the world bank, world trade association and world health organization do if America tanks because of Biden’s restraint policies, as well as NATO, the UN and our allies. The politicians are banking on that not happening and our fiscal insolvency due to entitlements, social security and Medicare/Medicaid is just a speed bump. Well, guess who else depends on USA consumerism. It’s our two-party political system that takes credit for free trade and use of our consumers and illegal immigrants purchasing power and Big Box distributors who hire cheap illegal immigrant employees to be able to discount prices to fight burgeoning inflation and pay for high illegal immigrants unemployment taxes.

A comical system disdained to fail in its current structure. On top of this teeter totter affect is an $800 billion transfer of USA wealth to emerging economies that become our competitors in those countries for purchase of American made products or services (i.e., fast foods, entertainment, technology, educational materials, etc.). Thus, imbalance of trade produces our deficit spending, debt and accumulated unrecorded obligations of$158 trillion reaching momentous heights per the And puts the weight of the world on Atlas (America) shoulders if shrugged topples the supply chain and world trade balance.

Folks, as Big Brother Biden and the Brotherhood would say, it’s in America’s best interest to lose money each year because we are eliminating poverty and starvation around the world. And it’s both parties who have lost money every year since the beginning of World War I and II. We’ve cooked the books since 1918 to cover up what deficit spending every year does to an economy and its people. Look what it did to Rome, Germany, Russia and others including what’s happening in China. Who is contemplating using GAAP accounting to determine where they really stand financially for the future? While America continues to cook the books by $3 trillion per year hiding their mismanagement of the supply line manufacturing. Caused by over taxation and the capitalist’s unwillingness to share in the accumulated wealth produced by enterprising Americans. By merging monetary capitalism and human capital socialism we have created the infallible unification of a sharing of the wealth we create with Humanism.

Because, as I have said before in my books, podcasts and articles, if USA consumerism goes down, as it did in 1929, the whole world goes down with us. Therefore, as we enact trade policies and procedures to save America from ruin, we must use that leverage on our adversaries, to lead the world out of its financial mess. It’s a cold trade war being waged with China and southeast Asia, with them realizing what it takes to catch us and convert us to their ideolog. However, using a Chinese proverb Confucius says, “one who chases two rabbits at once catches neither rabbit”. If China and its assembly of competitors chase our consumer markets with rising prices thinking America can afford anything and refuses to share the wealth with its workers, they will catch no rabbits.

So, we must capitalize on their communist values of ignoring the people’s needs (human capital) for the sake of the CCP politburo. And share our reversal of the imbalance of trade wealth with our enterprising workers who are making up the American Enterprise Party. We need them to work patriotically and ethically, as they did during the second world war, then win the cold war by reversing the supply chain back to America’s land of the democratic free market enterprise. That is exactly what got us the number one position of prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. Overcoming the negative woke influences attacking our history to remake America in the image of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Maduro, Marx, Lenin failed fascist and communist leaders.



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