HEALTH CARE OR WEALTH CARE: America is in the Red Zone approaching a $4 trillion dollars per year end zone? Will it be free universal Health Care for all or not?

A book that proposes solutions for reducing the high cost of health care and how to make quality universal health care available to every American.

So, the wealthy providers get richer and America gets unhealthier. Per my book “America is in the Red Zone” we are 38th in quality and first in cost per capita in the world. As obesity goes up life expectancy goes down and Covid-2019 goes on. And our economy sinks as prices will escalate, bankruptcies will prevail and the dollar will wilt in value while China will be the vulture capitalists buying up our failing small businesses.

Why? Because we pay for a code not a patient episode and delivery process, input not output, reason codes not result, income not outcome, maintenance not preservation of our health. We get a code for treatment not preventive or curative care. Since each of us don’t pay the bills we don’t sweat the ridiculous prices charged by the hospitals and pharmacies, do we? Who aren’t accountable or responsible for exorbitant costs and how they set prices? Why? Because the consumer (patient) isn’t internalizing the responsibility for payment and is externalizing the amount or cost of the care and the outcome since it’s a third party paying the bill. If the bill was paid by the consumer and internalized for the amount of the bill it would be questioned if conceived to be unreasonable or ineffective … economists call this the accountability cost for the service being charged … so the moral incentive that the provider is trustworthy and delivering quality is replaced by the economic incentive for paying for a positive outcome not just provider’s income with promises that the care is cost effective and worthy of the prices charged.

America is in the Red Zone looking for the end zone … the end of the pandemic and returning to normal more healthy lifestyles. How can America spend $4 trillion dollars per year on health care (Obama Care is $!.5 trillion of that amount) and in 6 months Americans still have to spend $9+ trillion on one virus? Basically, on the say of one person … Dr. Fauci an vaccine immunologist. For example we pay the World Health Organization’s budget of $5 billion, $500 million per year, the National Institute of Health $42 billion per year (20,000 employees) and providers $3 trillion per year (4,027 hospitals, 954,000 physicians, 3 million nurses, 500,000 therapists, 33,000 pharmacies, 16,100 nursing homes) and we still haven’t prevented any thing for Covid-2019 and previous mutations in 100 years, nor most of the 77,000 chronic diagnosis codes and 11,000 CPT procedure codes that are used for paying providers for health care. Not a one of these codes pays for prevention or episodic processes resulting in a positive outcome, just provider income.

Amazing numbers when you look at it that way isn’t it? How can we correct this mud slide affect by promising free universal health care for everyone? First and foremost, American’s are the first line of defense by being healthy with strong immunity. I call this America in the Red Zone looking for the End Zone. This requires shifting the paradigm, using artificial intelligence software that sets up the episodic processes of care using body systems that trigger health and mental problems needing attention. My health care companies invented and have utilized this approach for 30 years to process Medicare claims and get our clients paid for restorative services in nursing homes. It’s called the Caregiver Management System. My podcast on Anchor based on my book “The American Enterprise Manifesto” will discuss this approach and question why this isn’t the system required by insurance companies, Obama Care, Medicare and Medicaid before they pay any providers’ income for anything other than outcome. That turns our wealth care system into the All-American Care universal health care end zone.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.