Has America Been Taken Over by the Propaganda Machine?

In the trilogy The American Enterprise Party, the author covers the reasons for a third party swing vote, how to downsize government and upsize enterprise for the refinancing American supply lines and deficit spending and enormous debt into a viable sustainable balance of power. With a third party representing the enterprising Americans having a vote for consensus governance. Not populism but humanism as the byline to Keep America Great with ethical and patriotic work … all Americans must learn to earn and have a skill to bill for the marriage of American Monetary Capitalism and American Human Socialism for profit and growth.

Definition of propaganda: Information, written or digitally created, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause, or point of view.

“He was charged with distributing enemy propaganda is neither male or female, but the innocuous words. “no worries”, it’s an issue not a problem’”

Leave it to the propaganda machine to water down or dumb down its users, viewers, and listeners, with “No Worries America”, it’s only an issue. Does it make a difference in dealing with a problem, by calling it an issue between two parties such as The Red and The Blue political parties. Our one party government. The gridlocked Congress, Fox News, and CNN pundits, fighting over the issue of the day.

With the only problem solving in more laws, rules and regulations to be absorbed in the $31 trillion in recorded debt instruments and $154 trillion in unrecorded obligations per www.usdebtclock.com. No decisions are consensus anymore … all are partisan and unaffordable due to a bankrupt Federal and State governments, not recording, according to generally accepted accounting principles, all the debt amortization for future administrations and voters for generations to come.

Why, because an issue is a disagreement, not requiring an intelligent attempt to propose a solution that includes funding its implementation. And problems with no solutions, are the basis of misinformation, fake news by human, and robotic propagandizers. CNN, Big Media, Fox News, Face book, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Big Tech, Big Brother Government, and the Brotherhood propaganda machine. Neither political party nor the Monopsony government are accountable for their low approval rating and declining credibility.

Then the problems can be distorted into claims, that normalizing violence, vulgarity and excessive wealth are acceptable issues not problems seeking a solution, while protesters become ghetto criminals calling themselves, BLM, ANTIFA, Cartels, and violent gangs, who decide to move in immigrants and move onto Michigan Avenue, and the burbs, with car jacking, drug dealing, and drive byes.

While peaceful protestors claim the killing of George Floyd, is a F’ing white supremacy issue, same words used by the entertainment world’s verb and adjective for instilling, and describing, violence, vulgarity, and the Billion Dollar Lotto prize.

Just look at the narrative, of the current administration’s propaganda issues … example: the borders are secure, the root cause is just another issue, inflation is transitory, the borders aren’t a crisis, the viruses, vaccines and masks must be mandated, fossil fuels will kill us off by 2050, Afghanistan isn’t discriminating against women, China isn’t a threat to our sovereignty, China, Russia, Ukraine aren’t paying to play, for the Big Guy, and Hunter Biden’s capitalizing on privilege,

OPEC is our friend, the oil reserves are for sale to China or the highest bidder, voting is secure with our injustice department watching over the lock boxes and voting machines GDP growth, and jobs are slowed by Putin. The Federal Reserve will fix inflation, by raising interest rates, and extending the yield curve beyond 30 years, and the $480 billion Deflation Reduction Act, theorizes that more taxes, spending, and printing currency will decrease the deficit, and future debt. And the stock market is transitory. And the Republicans are the issue. If you, as a voter, disagree you’re the problem.

What is American propaganda these days, and where does it emanate, or migrate from? Not from the mouths of babes … but from the babes of high tech. TV, cellphone, computer, tablet, smart phone, Twitter, Face Book (Meta Verse), Instagram, Zoom, Tik Tok, email, dot com., LinkedIn, Emoji, facial recognition, fingerprint ID, Pandora, Spotify, Snap Chat, the cloud, bloc chains, crypto currency, bit coins, millions of podcasts around the world,

And, you tube visual aids, PowerPoint, word.com, Amazon, Kindle, Net Flick, HBO, Uber, Flyte, ABB, iPod, ear earwigs, etc. Where did privacy, and relationships go, by using a digital format, and virtual world of fantasy resulting in the American propaganda machine. Making the digital world a two-edge sword … keeping us conformed by tearing us apart. Orwell's 1984 has arrived.

This silent criminal use of information, allows the followers to follow the followers into the crematoria of false advertising, misinformation, power politics, one party rule and dissolution of the American Dream.

What will stop this surge in idiotic economics, societal problems, financial problems, foreign relations problems, voting problems, crime and drug usage problems, etc.? Stop letting the propagandists label every problem, an issue and building, back, bigger government interventions that destroys our free enterprise and democracy.

To accomplish different results takes, using different policies and leadership models as proposed in the American Enterprise Trilogy, volume one, why do it?, volume two, how to do it,? and volume three, who will do it? By Jerry Rhoads, founder and CEO of the American Enterprise Party www.americanenterprisepoliticalparty.com and www.jerryrhoadsauthor.com.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.