Great American Enterprise Ideology

The American Enterprise Party Trilogy proposes a swing vote party to balance the budget, overcome deficits and drain the woke infested swamp with the ideology of Americanism and Humanism.


Marxism an idea involves one person

Americanism an ideology involves millions of faith

What makes America Great. Is it an idea or an ideology? Think about it … you can kill an idea with nonaction but not an ideology. It’s my premise that Americanism economic ideology, marries capitalism and socialism in its very basic democratic values, established by our founders, in the constitution. Using freedom and opportunity to override the idea of Marxism to control subservient behavior.

As pointed out in an op ed in the Epoch News, Cheng Xia Nonong established that Karl Marx made two mistakes. First, he believed there are only two completely opposite roads in the world. Socialism and capitalism. In fact, the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) history proves that it has grafted the two systems to make Chinese capitalism. Marx’s second mistake he believed the communist party will bury capitalism and be replaced by socialism.

However, the CCP completely subverted his theory with CCP communist capitalism. In fact, the CCP favors USA capitalism over China’s socialism. As demonstrated by President Xi’s takeover of a corrupt communist state by digging a grave for corrupt capitalism but unwearyingly digging a trap that will ruin the communist’s regime. It is the corruption of wealth that is destroying China’s capitalism. Liken the process to my interpretive ideology. that the American Enterprise movement is to marry American capitalism and Democratic socialism to produce a powerful economic formula, for taking American democracy worldwide. Kill the Marxist Chinese communist idea and replace it with American ideology of free market Lassez Faire enterprise.

In other words, for lasting prosperity, of the enterprising American, is the ideal formulation (marriage) of capitalism and socialism as an enterprise founded on democratic principles of Humanism … those with the capital shall share with those with the patriotic work ethic for the good of the individual’s wealth and the success of the capital funded team (a sports analogy and an economic ideology) for winning the worldwide trade and political war with communism.

Such are every small, medium and large business enterprises in America that each day produces wealth for themselves and the rest of the world with the economic democracy (ideology) of consumption and fulfillment of the Wealth of a Nation, envisioned by Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of a Nations. With our current two-party system, the USA isn’t building on our founder’s formulation of the ingenious method of sharing and employing the gold, for expanding our success around the world. Instead, we have unwittingly fallen into the Marxist “idea” that the many will overthrow the few for the good of the individual’s share. With the few controlling the wealth.

In the process, as in any revolution, the wealth of a nation is destroyed … such is the imbalance of trade deficits that have transferred trillions of dollars to CCP to build their communist version of capitalism, to destroy America’s Great democracy … made up of individual risk takers with the enterprising patriotic work ethic, being woked down by those idealistic Marxists, to destroy the ideology of Americanism.

The question is … will America fall for the false promises of the left and right (Red and Blue) for the greater good that we, as individuals, should allow wealth, power politics and revolutionaries to dictate our future. As the founder and CEO of the American Enterprise Party I pledge my support to the ideology of American Enterprising Americans practicing Humanism above all promised ideas.

In summary, Americanism requires the capitalist to share in the wealth of the nation and the workers need to deliver a patriotic and ethical product every time on time.


An idea involves one person

An ideology involves billions of faith

You can kill an idea

But you can never kill an ideology

An idea is a fleeting thought of the future

While an ideology is the culture from the past

For the future good

We in America have democracy as an ideology

That is why we say we are the land of the free

Though we have the criminal element that aren’t

And others that are freer than others

Which ideology is right or wrong?

That is the worldwide question

That is threatening us all

To be destroyed by an idea

Evolving from the past idea

That we on earth are here because of creation

Or some atomic infusion and conclusion

Deciding our fate and life’s state

Ironically, we come from the same place

And will return to the same destination

Though we cannot agree to how or why

It is certain we all will die

That idea for some will distort

Into a Koran or a Bible that builds faith

On being right or wrong

Not why we are one and the same

Leaving no one to resurrect or blame

Except those that are here for an idea

Not some courted ideology

For justifying the dropping of A-bomb

So the ideologists can swallow their last prayer

To the Gods and Satan’s that were never there



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