Who are the major risktakers?

Millions of investors in the New York Stock Exchange, NAZDAC, and OTC investors. Including the bond market, gold and silver exchanges, the commodities market, thousands of mutual funds for global diversification, including the Chinese and Japanese stock exchange where Billions are invested by Americans.

Employer or union sponsored retirement plans (four of ten American workers) are investing member funds.

More than half of all households have some investment in the stock market.

Majority of 260,000 families are invested in the stock market.

88% of Investors with incomes over $100,00 per year are in the stock market.

61% of whites, 31% of blacks and 28% of Hispanics families have stock.

30.2 million small businesses have entrepreneur investors providing startup and ongoing capital.

3 million members of the Chamber of Commerce are investors.

1,220,000 members in the Rotary Club are personally investors.

Car owners, 26 million licensed drivers, 84% of the population in California are licensed to take a risk on the highways.

140,572 Home owners’ investment is their major risk investment.

Therefore, all Americans are risktakers in one form or another. The entitlements are for leveling the playing field of disparity of wealth, due to circumstantial need differences … such as food stamps, disability benefits, workers’ comp, unemployment, college loan guarantees, pensions, child tax credits, Obama Care, Medicaid (Medicare and social security are not entitlements … they are forced savings annuities for the elderly). Where the income disparity begins is from being educated, with experience in taking a risk and reinvesting the returns on investments. The wealth of the 19% Few upper-class Americans (12 million millionaire based net worth in the households, 607 billionaires including 14 of the 20 wealthiest in the world) versus 52% in the middle class and 29% in the lower class. The split of national net worth 1% of the population deemed wealthy having $61 trillion in net worth and 99% having the rest with $1 trillion in net worth. Should this playing field be leveled if so, how?

The questions the progressive socialists and Marxists have are, how is this justified and should government level the playing field through a wealth tax that is a redistribution of wealth, more entitlements or reparation? The capitalist says no when wealth is given without a return it soon disappears and the socialists ask for benevolence until they run out of wealth, then both ask, does the constitution protect wealth? Does the justice system favor the wealthy? Do millionaires and billionaires work harder and smarter? There is no easy answer to these important disparity questions. If you treat America as an employer of all maybe disparity is relevant, but not with free market enterprise protecting the synergy of monetary capital and human capital coming together to create leverage, then disparity is a natural function of free will and free market enterprise. That is the embodiment of the Great American Enterprise … free will and unlimited opportunities to generate personal wealth. This is the foundation of the American Dream that separates American risk takers from the rest of the world.

And for those who are willing to take a risk in the marketplace shall share in the rewards. Of course, the wealthy upper class must learn to share not tear down America’s GDP because of disparity. But in reality, there are other theories that confront the splitting of the rewards fairly. In America this split is currently decided by each entity based on some form of evaluation of performance that justifies the split, but why does a CEO make$ 26 million per year, CFO $10million per year and the line worker makes less than $15 and not more than $30 per hour. Does the CEO and CFO have that much more at risk or is it responsibility that is a form off risk?

The answer in Lassez-faire (free market enterprise) is yes. The line workers don’t get sued in the millions and billions as do the CEO’s and CFO’s. In capitalism the capitalist takes the initial and ultimate risk and receives the highest return on that risk. The socialist (human capital) takes a risk in selecting an employer and works as hard as the CEO and CFO but does not have the risk or responsibilities of a CEO and CFO because of law suits, unionized strikes and termination for bad results. If the line worker decides to create a business from an idea and raises the capital to start and sustain the business, he or she are warranted the highest income and benefits of that business enterprise. The other alternatives to lasses-faire are promising equality not equity. Equity is the return on capital in the form of profit after taxes, interest and depreciation. If the enterprise decides to share in that return through earnings from shares of stock or profit sharing it is solving the disparity problem to a great degree. Other options are pensions, profit sharing retirement 401k plans and stock options … all taxable income to the employee and an operating cost of the enterprise. The value of the enterprises’ stock price is based on earnings after all of the operating cost, plus interest on debt and depreciation of its assets.

The disparity that is bothersome to most of us are the celebrity, actors, politicians, and sports hero disparity because of an extreme talent or idea that converts to wealth. Since it is estimated by the author Malcolm Gladwell that it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice, education and experience to become a one in a million-dollar kind of talent. Then the disparity plays out most times in our lasses-faire society. When it is your personal situation that seems wrong because of someone in government or your company who gets a free ride to college or has a charter school education versus a public school or no schooling at all … it becomes a personal responsibility to work and earn your way up the disparity totem pole. Of course, equality isn’t meant to be equitable in results without risk taking and sacrifice to attain excellence in any field of pursuit called a career.

Thus, those without a career designation are likely to end up in the 29% lower class until they individually make the effort to have a skill that an enterprise can bill for a profit. By creating their own opportunity and luck. That’s, in so many words, the American Dream … for the so-called immigrant DREAMERS or welfare recipients going to get there with amnesty and food stamps, minimum wage, disability, workers comp, free health care, free college, child care credits, etc. Probably not unless there is a family unit supporting their effort to gain a saleable skill that the enterprise can bill. If this formula is taken away by the activists who are trying to tear down the American culture with more entitlements, the patriotic work ethic and effort won’t equal the opportunity and good luck offered to the candidate in American Enterprise. Then the entitlements kick in as a tax (cost) on all of us in the free market enterprise.

That’s why American risk takers are the backbone of our culture of capitalism and socialism working together in our large, medium sized and small business enterprises. American handout takers are disillusioned enterprising Americans who believe that Big Brother government and the Big Business Brotherhood will lead them to the American Dream … but find out that it is an illusion resulting in the America Nightmare. Risk takers, drivers, divers, teachers, preachers, athletes, we who competes, workers, brokers, stockers of our economy take risks everyday of our lives. Driving our car, diving into deep water, teaching our children about risk taking with caution, preaching the sermon on risk and reward as the message from Jesus, starting our own business despite the odds of failing, finding that if we fail, we can get back in the game with bankruptcy. Or even love making and marriage require we all take a risk in our choice since the odds are against it lasting. Or taking an educational course that challenges us to improve our skills for the future in the Great American Enterprise economy. Even the American constitution requires independence and risk taking in its intent to allow for interpretation by its application.

Our primary competition in the global trade and cultural war is China that practices the handout takers are told what to do, where to go and don’t talk back. This simplifies their government because there is no constitution to deal with, no unions, no strikes, no free press, an acquiescing media, no concern of protest for human rights, no compunction for stealing other peoples’ ideas, which means low overhead costs, low prices to the global market and more profits in their dominance of the supply lines. In other words, they have a country principally of followers following the followers right into a concentration camp if they get out of line. There are no bureaucrats, politicians, opposition media, two party gridlock, no pushback on their policies and decisions. For this they get their equal equitable pay, with no say as handouts takers of the theology that there is no higher authority than the Big Brother government called the Politburo. But it is at a great cost laid on their 1.4 billion followers following the followers right into he Marxist Animal Farm accepting socialized communism and a 1984 Orwellian dystopian society. The dungeon of self-inflicted averse to risk and conformance to the collective good.

A good example of my message is the Green New Deal that takes away our personal freedoms for … supposedly saving the planet for the greater good. The Green New Deal proposes that Americans by nature are risk takers and due to this culture, many will have to be deprived of making decisions regarding commitment to personal carbon allowances monitored by an AI app to control personal behaviors that reduce the collective risk of global warming and climate change. This has already started with government mandates to wear masks, get vaccinated and follow the new carbon utilization rules or else. It’s a government take away of our right to risk taking, when life itself is a risk. Don’t tell me what to do or where to do it … it’s my life to risk not for the collective good to be saved

What would you choose in the land of the free, have the right to take a risk to pursue the American Dream or let a Big Brother government tell you to wear a mask, take a vaccine, follow the followers of quack science and bureaucrats telling you what to do pursuing the American Nightmare? Mind I remind you of what got us here and what we need to do to keep it and improve its results. Risk takers are job makers and money makers for each Americans’ good. So, vote for the American Enterprise Party the swing vote to drain the swamp and reign in Big Brother and the Big Business Brotherhood who believe in and support a giveaway playing field. Our current leadership with a uni-political party opportunity is bent on increasing the giveaways under the disguise of redistribution of wealth one way or the other. Their true goal is to reduce America to one party rule by the Democrat Party and destroy the legacy of the business approach to our lasses-fair heritage posed by Donald J. Trump. Who, with an ounce of humility would still be President. Since he isn’t, nor will be, it is time for a swing vote party to clean up the mess in Washington and our Republic. Therefore, vote for and back the campaign of the American Enterprise Party. www.americanenterprisepoliticalparty.org

Most American’s are risktakers not handout takers. 84% of American families are in the stock market in some form. There are millions of drivers who take a risk by traveling by car. There are 30 million small businesses risking their money. Why then are mandates for our personal health being dictated using fear and intimidation to keep everyone safe with a Pandemic that was initiated in China using American money for gain of function research. Americans are raised to take risks to get ahead and staying healthy is one of them. So, big brother let us make our own decisions … yes good advice is to get a vaccine, its free but the other quack science has to be sorted out and eliminated by risk analysis and personal decisions.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.