Contain or Restrain or Detain Putin (Where is USA’s Courage and Leadership)

I heard the Pentagon say conflict Putin and a retired colonel saying we have to contain Putin. Conflict is a cowardly way of doing nothing. Contain means let Putin have Ukraine and hope he isn’t a modern day Hitler. Restrain is to let the bully succeed then hope he isn’t Stalin. Detain is to let a sociopath find out he can strike again and hope he isn’t Big Brother. Where is our leadership who recognizes the similarity of this attack on the world is Nazi like not terrorism. I thought we were against a holocaust. Now we say contain it or just restrain our response as did the world with Adolf Hitler’s holocaust concentration camps, in denial from fear of annihilation. As Hitler did Putin sees a holocaust as his right restore the USSR. This with the support of China, Iran and North Korea. After taking back the USSR what of the so called free world. So what should they do? What can USA do?

I am only one of 300 Americans holding our breath while a weak President allows the new Hitler to commit a holocaust in Ukraine as Europe did with a Chamberlain treaty, hoping the world can contain, detain or restrain our selves from stopping Putin as he murders civilians. Just like Hitler murdered 6 million Jews while the world stood by in denial that it was happening. in fear that it was not going to spread throughout the world. Guess what! Putin won’t stop at Ukraine. He has already said he plans to get his land back … the USSR. Well what is that … the Balkans, then Poland … then Scandinavia … then the Netherlands … while China takes Taiwan … Hong Kone, Philippines, Africa … India. When will the free world stop Putin, Xi Jinping, Khomeini, Kim Jong-un etc.?

What would the forceful leaders do? Roosevelts, Churchill, Thatcher, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, Trump? Conflict, contain, restrain or detain Putin? No, I believe they would stand up for our freedom and not fall for a threat of another holocaust and stand by while it happens.

As the leader of the free world they would make a stand for more than a determent, a containment, a restraint, hoping to conflict Putin and worldwide communism, after Ukraine. Why would they wither under the threat that Putin will use a nuclear weapon on a defender of the free world. That’s what he has done to scare off, as Hitler did, the holocaust that’s happening in Ukraine. The free world has nuclear weapons too along with 30 nations in NATO, 180 nations in the UN with 20 million troops against Putin’s 130,000 committed to destroying Ukraine. His flank, Moscow and the fatherland are exposed if he uses any nuclear weapon.

Where would he use it? Pearl Harbor or New York city with the result being all out total annulation of Russia as he is doing in Ukraine. He then knows from the USA the consequences for using a nuclear weapon on any civilians. World War Three will never happen if we use nuclear weapons as a determent for maniacs like Hitler, Stalin and Putin. If we let him succeed we are destined to have a World War Three like World War Two where we had to eliminate the perpetrator … Hitler before he had an Atom Bomb.

Now we have the bomb as does Putin who needs to understand the consequences before he goes any further. Like Hitler he is weak when he is confronted by a bigger force willing to take a risk to stop him. Give him ten days to retreat or face a no fly zone, a cease fire to allow him to stand down gracefully, rather becoming the modern day Hitler and be faced with war crimes like the Nazi leaders who were hung for their holocaust.

Timing is everything … and the time was before he committed a holocaust in Ukraine but now he is personally responsible for world war three if he uses any nuclear weapons … and NATO, UN, EU, USA the civilian Russians, Chinese, Koreans need to know this and pressure Putin to stand down.



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Jerry L. Rhoads

Jerry L. Rhoads

Retired CPA, health care consultant to the private sector. Developer of management software, licensed health care administrator and owner of nursing homes.