China’s “Wolf Warrior” Cold War

China’s “Wolf Warrior” Cold War, is to destroy American democracy and replace it with communism as the New World Order. “Wolf Cubs” are nurtured as a term of the CCP for those indoctrinated to hate and kill class enemies.

Much like the Nazi Gestapo or SS officers. To do so, they are also investing billions of dollars in countries worldwide through its massive Belt and Roads initiative (similar to USA’s foreign aid program) to take a more active role in international institutions. WHO, WTO, WBO and UN.

China’s “Wolf Warrior” strategy, use GAAP generally accepted accounting principles for funding and measuring GDP control of supply lines, $1 trillion line of credit in two tranches from the International Monetary Fund.

Russia’s takeover of old USSR, Iran getting nukes, buy more of USA debt, utilize Chinese Reconstitute the communist campaign as a Global Trade Cold War, using the threat of nuclear weapons or chemical warfare to accomplish their objective … a one world government controlled by China, Russia’s reconstituted USSR, N. Korea and Iran as a new world order.

Globalization of currency “Wolf Warfare”, China’s goal is to replace the dollar as the reference currency worldwide being threatened by the International Monetary Fund issuing lines of credit to the world as SPR’s (special drawing rights) working with China and its yuan, to float one trillion dollars, in two tranches, for borrowing by emerging Asian and African countries.

“Wolf Warrior diplomacy”, China using Cyber Warfare, Military Development (stealth, cruise missiles, hydroelectric and nuclear energy), Biotechnology for Health Care and ransomware for hacking and artificial intelligence for satellite and space exploration to the moon and Mars. Estimated China hacking has transferred $350 billion of USA wealth to China’s theft of trade secrets and product development of technology. The greatest transfer of wealth in history.

“Mobilization Warfare”, Nationalism, Massive Recruitment of foreign talent. China has the largest military in the world with 2.1 million, USA third with 1.4 million, India second with 1.45 million, North Korea fourth with 1.3 million, Russia 1 million.

“Financial Warfare”, the yuan to become the Fiat currency (Bitcoins, Block Chain, Digital Yuan the World Reference Currency) and implement GAAP generally accepted accounting principles for taking over the World Order of trade and commerce. The retirement savings of millions of Americans (principally union pension funds and mutual bond market funds) currently finance Beijing’s military modernization and Chinese supply chain companies that are complicit in genocide, harvesting organs and other crimes against humanity.

Solutions: Suspend all Chinese financial institutions from the US dollar network. Immediate delist every Chinese company from the New Yor Stock Exchange and other exchanges. Revoke the green cards and visas and place liens on the properties and bank accounts of the top 500 CCP members relatives in the USA… Grant Newsham, Epoch Times.

“Propaganda Warfare”, Social Media Control, Brain Washing, Hacking for Technology, Influence America’s Social Revolution. Solution: Close down the use of the USA international internet, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

“Internal Warfare”, by the Politburo and its People’s Liberation Front violations of civil rights of its members and killing of the Uighur, Turkish speaking people of interior Asia and Northern China. They also are dealing with the 350 million believers in the Tiananmen square protests against central government control who have opted out of the CCP for (Falun Gong) religious reasons. It’s their plan to divide and conquer the CCP.

“Wolf Warrior” end game goals:

1) Takeover of USA’s economy with Asia’s supremacy in increasing GDP fed by supply line dominance, low debt, low overhead, low labor costs and high profits,

2) Takeover the dollar reference currency and World Trade Organization, Replace America’s control of precious metals,

3) Takeover natural gas supplies complying with the Paris Accord allowing them to move to compliance at a slow pace,

4) Takeover coal and oil production to fund their war and space machine,

5) Infiltrate our educational curriculum, by giving grants to our universities enticing talent with their 1,000-talent program,

6) Build their GDP through Belt Road 20 targeted members (Taiwan, N. Korea, Philippines, N. Africa, India, Mid East, South Asia rim sea members, Venezuela, Central America),

7) Weaken the NATO, EU, UN constituencies with Chinese reverse sanctions,

8) Support Russia’s take back of the USSR territory, and Iran’s new nuclear agreement,

9) Continue to build a military satellite space presence, hydro sonic nuclear and chemical weapon arsenal for its fear propaganda program.

How do we stop it?

See my “How to Kill the China Trojan Horse”, Volume II of the American Enterprise Party Plan of Reorganization of America’s institutional government into a lean and mean victor of the Global Trade Cold War.

Solution: Removing their threat as means to an end by using of fear of nuclear and chemical warfare weapons. First, we need to strengthen our leadership team with a Department of Offense not just Defense. Our strength is in numbers of countries (not population), the inventory of nuclear weapons and cyber hacking capabilities bar none.

Solution: Secretary of Offense who has experience in propaganda, media and the use of our strength in numbers when it comes to weapons, technology with an objective of humanism and peaceful coexistence versus our opponents Wolf Warriors and Warrior Cubs.

Where are we now?

1) Weak leadership in Department of Defense and State Department. Permissive Administration and no plan for offense in foreign affairs.

2) Gridlocked congress with no plan for heading off the Wolf Warfare of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and other socialist countries.

3) Weak foreign policies regarding use of nuclear and chemical warfare … no stated plan for defending and preventing the use of such weapons.

4) A two-party system that blames each other for the above problems.

5) Buried in debt and still passing legislation that continues deficit spending for welfare and weapons of mass destruction.

6) Using antiquated accounting methods that are cooking the books and budgets.



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