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The first Biden budget cuts by a partisan gridlocked Congress will be to take away benefits for our aging society for the greater good. The assurance that this will not happen requires a swing vote third party. The American Enterprise Party.

As of June 9, 2021, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 50 executive orders, 21 presidential memoranda, 87 proclamations, and 15 notices.

Each of these presidential documents is different in authority and implementation. Executive orders are directives written by the president to officials within the executive branch requiring them to take or stop some action related to policy or management. They are numbered, published in the Federal Register, and cite the authority by which the president is making the order.[1][2]

Presidential memoranda also include instructions directed at executive officials, but they are neither numbered nor have the same publication requirements. The Office of Management and Budget is also not required to issue a budgetary impact statement on the subject of the memoranda.[3]

In his 2014 book, By Order of the President: The Use and Abuse of Executive Direct Action, Phillip J. Cooper, a professor of public administration at Portland State University, wrote, “As a practical matter, the memorandum is now being used as the equivalent of an executive order, but without meeting the legal requirements for an executive order.”[4]

Proclamations are a third type of executive directive that typically relate to private individuals or ceremonial events, such as holidays and commemorations.[3][5]

Click on link for specific orders, memoranda and proclamations:

· Executive orders

· Presidential memoranda

· Proclamations and Notices


“Most bad government has grown out of too much government” … Thomas Jefferson.

The socialist Executive orders, Presidential memoranda and Proclamations are the edicts of a Marxist culture regime transforming America away from a Democracy to a binary two- party Politburo run by Big Brother Biden, the Congressional Brotherhood and the swamp woke alligators (Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Warren and the Squad). They began swamping the swamp with open borders, implementing the Green New Deal that Biden says climate is America’s biggest problem and white supremacy second, reversing all of President Trump’s capitalist policies and offering up $9 trillion in debt for bailing out the Pandemic that he claims credit for saved lives.

Without a Republican led counter America the Bountiful will be a socialist state similar to what Castro promised Cuba or Stalin Russia or Mao China or Kim Jong-un North Korea. The Biden Sanders Manifesto using a woke rewrite of history is at work to promise equality and equity to identities not individual freedoms thereby promoting a new form of racism. AOC and the squad have been one upped by this imperialist coup. But not for long with AOC accusing American embargoes as the reason for Cuba’s demise. She still wants more of the Republicans skin.

If you are left or right of center or conservative or liberal, how can we stand by and let Orwellian 1984 arrive with the 2020 elections, with these 173 culture dictates by a President that called himself a moderate, hid during a no-show campaign, then proffered them by a flagrant voting system of uncontrolled drop boxes, mail in votes and harvesting inner city voters. The estimated “swamp the swamp” cost of implementing these Biden-Sanders Manifesto Big Brother 173 policy money wasting edits, by the Biden Administration are … Presidential executive orders, proclamations, memoranda and notices totaling an estimated $16.6 trillion over the next decade to bring American schools, businesses, churches, immigration, energy, foreign relations and aid, health care, justice by non policing, security by non military, NATO, WHO, World Banking, Federal Reserve and stock market under the control of the White House, Senate and House and 51 Brotherhood Governors. Becoming the one world government that communism is making the endgame for the few to manage the many with fear and intimidation.

As a result, America will be transformed into a one-party oligarch with a power grab pitted against China’s autocracy, ignoring human rights, constitution, historical culture and declaration of independence. As Aristotle’s rule of one, a monarchy, rule of two aristocracy and rule of three polity degenerates into dysfunctional versions of tyranny (ANTIFA), oligarchy (BLM) and democracy (Sanders-Biden Manifesto) with socialism then communism as the Trojan Horse promising equality and equity that becomes the throne of the few and the confinement of the many.

“Government is the best which governs the least … because it’s people who discipline themselves” . .. Thomas Jefferson .

“Our most pressing problem is climate change and white supremacy” … Joseph R. Biden with 173 executive orders and actions in his first 100 days of 2021, opening the borders and creating inflationary moves based on deficit spending with Fed printing currency, proposed 100 year treasuries, cooked books, tax increases to pay for Bigger not Better government supported by Big box, Big media, Big unions, Big debt as the Brotherhood. 1984 has arrived by 2024.

Wall Street Journal and NY Times postings.

“Mr. Biden’s dramatic political transformation has exposed what many have always suspected: Moderate Democrats aren’t socialists unless they think they can adopt socialist policies and survive politically”.

The Biden-Sanders “Unity” manifesto envisions the socialism of an all-encompassing welfare state, with virtually every need a right, and every right guaranteed by taxpayer funding. Housing becomes a right, and “no one should have to pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing.” Public colleges will be “tuition-free” for “roughly 80 percent of the American people.” Student loans are expunged, payments are capped and eventually forgiven. School lunches, along with breakfast and supper, will be universally free. Child tax credits become a guaranteed annual income for families … need it or not.

Here are key points from the Unity Manifesto:

The American nightmare:

Is a Big Brother President Joseph Robinette Biden, Harris, Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer transformation to a progressive socialist America:

· Inflationary policies implemented through executive orders, memorandum and proclamations.

· America is Debt ridden and deficit poor. $600 trillion in derivatives a bubble about to burst

· America’s declining dollar value. $.35 cents and declining with the yuan in the wings.

· Wall Street, the Fed, the Federal and State insolvency … The cash basis budgetary system has $158 trillion dollars in unrecorded obligations from cooking the books since World War Two.

· Declining approval ratings. (congress at 12% and Biden and Democrats 40%).

· Bigger government is Better. Use infrastructure funding to regenerate welfare, initiate green climate change and the rest of the great society dreams of progressive’s version of socialism into a ten year transformation plan.

· Open borders letting emigration destroy American sovereignty and embedding cartel criminals, drug dealers and future Blue voters in our society.

· HR1 proposed legislation for open voting and S1proposed legislation for endorsement of harvesting votes.

· Higher taxes to fund infrastructure spending and ear marks including the green new deal welfare state.

· Closed freedom of speech through Big Tech and Post Office surveillance.

· Closed fossil fuel Keystone pipeline while endorsing the Russian version.

· Closed off shore fossil fuel exploration and land leases for fracking.

· Green New Deal promising zero emissions by 2035.

· White supremacy and climate change are America’s biggest problems and priorities.

Latest news of further socialist progressive plans:

· Anonymous complaints to be allowed on policing with civil penalties.

· Police will no longer have immunity.

· Farmers of black, brown, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islanders get loans balances forgiven (Injunction judged this racist).

· Supporting CRT and 1619 Project subjects in public schools.

· Capitalizing on a crisis called the Pandemic of Covid-19.

· Takes credit for solving the Pandemic and saving American lives.

Bottom line for the upcoming mid-terms and the 2024 election:

America has been transformed in the first 100 days of the Biden administration into an Marxist oligarchy from a Trump monarchy both run by the gang of 545 (100 Senators, 435 Congressmen, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 1 President). Orwellian in its intent and substance as Washington burns while Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer fiddles with Marxism.

Donald Trump is currently campaigning for fellow republicans for 2022 to take back of the Congress, but in realty it’s for his own run in 2024. Still dwelling on why he should still be President and not offering up anything new. His past policies that were working may be forgotten over the next four years if he continues to criticize his opponents rather than revitalize his Make America Great for every American with more safe and secure policies than his previous campaigns. Regardless, in my opinion he isn’t a shoo in for anything unless he has learned to be the humble leader of patriots and enterprising Americans that ultimately pay all the bills and solve all the problems.



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